HBBC Leather Wax

Huntington Base Ball Club

  • $22.00

Huntington Base Ball Co. Leather Wax

After working your leather with our HBBC Leather Conditioner to bring out a beautiful surface, protect it with our HBBC Leather Wax.

Use it on your baseball glove to add a layer of protection from water and dirt. Works great on vintage baseball gloves (or other vintage leathers) to give them a beautiful, maintained appearance.

While baseball is what we use it for, it's certainly not limited to the diamond - use it on your boots and wallet, or any piece of hard working leather that could use some love. Apply with the HBBC dauber or a soft cloth and let dry. Buff it out with our buffing brush. The level of shine can be increased by repeating this simple process.

Free of petroleum derivatives and harsh chemicals, our wax has a clean, naturally derived citrus scent.  Made in the USA. Naturally.