Tailgate Update: COVID-19 Info

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Tailgate Update: COVID-19 Info

We are re-opening our brick and mortar Tuesday, May 26, 2020.  Please keep the following in mind:

  • If you've recently been sick or around others who have been sick, please do not visit us in the shop. As an owner-operated business, the shop will shutdown if you share germs with us and that would make everyone sad.
  • When coming to visit us, please use the hand sanitizer available immediately upon entering to clean your dirty mitts.
  • Please refrain from touching or trying on items that you do not plan to purchase.
  • If you do try on items, please leave the items you choose not to purchase in the changeroom (we remove it from inventory temporarily and clean the changeroom after use).
  • Yes, the sofa and chairs are meant for you to kick back and relax, but please do not sit on them at this time.  Let's leave them for Wrigley to enjoy.
  • We love shooting the breeze with you, but please keep visiting to a minimal so the shop does not become overly crowded and we can maintain safe distances.  
  • If you want to wear a mask while shopping, that's cool, but we are not enforcing it.  Just avoid speaking moistly to us. 
  • We are still offering curbside if you'd like to just order online. And if you desperately need a local delivery, shoot us an email and we can try to make arrangements: info@tailgatemercantile.ca


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