LH Handcrafted Football

Leather Head Sports

  • $139.00

Leather Head Sports Handcrafted Football

Handsome Dan

Remember when you were a kid and you loved playing sports?  Some of us never lost that feeling.  Leather Head footballs are made to be played with, and we've put a lot of thought into the design.  The Leather we choose is sturdy and gripable.  It's uncorrected too, so it will show natural characteristics.  In time, these balls will develop a beautiful patina. 

Since they're meant for play, we designed them for hands of all sizes: Father and daughters, mothers and sons, Grandparents and grandchildren.  Like you, we know that playing sports is the best way to connect friends, family and generations.

The Handsome Dan football is our first design, and it remains our best seller. 

  • Made from rich, full grain leather.
  • Raw hide lace
  • Sturdy Polyester thread in Red.
  • About the size of a “Youth” football

Rough Rider

This football has the same nostalgic look and feel of our Handsome Dan ball and is one of our signature balls. The difference being, this leather has a smooth texture. Range scars and other evidence of the animal’s life will be visible.

  • About the size of a “youth” football
  • Leather shell
  • Raw hide lace
  • Polyester thread in White.


**Each football comes with a Leather Head canvas bag